CRAN R package for creating clustering trees, a visualisation for looking at clustering across resolutions.

Splatter, a package for simulating single-cell RNA sequencing data

Selected talk at the 2017 Bioconductor Asia Meeting where I presented technical details of the Splatter package.

Simulation and analysis tools for single-cell RNA sequencing data

Selected talk at the Genome Informatics 2017 conference describing Splatter and the scRNA-tools database.

Splatter: simulation of single-cell RNA sequencing data

As single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) technologies have rapidly developed, so have analysis methods. Many methods have been tested, developed, and validated using simulated datasets. Unfortunately, current simulations are often poorly documented, …

Single-cells, simulation and kidneys in a dish

WEHI Bioinformatics seminar series presenting my PhD projects.

Simplifying simulation of single-cell RNA-seq

Presentation at the 2016 COMBINE student symposium introducing the Splatter package and the Splat scRNA-seq simulation model.


Bioconductor R package for simulating scRNA-seq data.


A Python script for pretty printing of TeXcount output