Twitter Stats

Analysis of Twitter activity for hashtags from various events, usually academic conferences.

Using clustering trees to visualise scRNA-seq data

Selected talk at the Genome Informatics 2018 conference where I described how clustering trees can be used with scRNA-seq data.

clustree: producing clustering trees using ggraph

Presentation at the userR! 2018 conference introducing the clustree package and demonstrating how it makes use of the ggraph package.

Clustering trees for visualising scRNA-seq data

Selected talk at the Oz Single Cells 2018 conference where I presented clustering trees and the clustree package.

Exploring the SCE-verse

Analysis of packages that use the SingleCellExperiment object

Bioconductor 3.7 wrap-up

A wrap-up of the Bioconductor 3.7 release.


CRAN R package for creating clustering trees, a visualisation for looking at clustering across resolutions.

Splatter, a package for simulating single-cell RNA sequencing data

Selected talk at the 2017 Bioconductor Asia Meeting where I presented technical details of the Splatter package.

Building a clustering tree

Introductory post to building a clustering tree

Single-cells, simulation and kidneys in a dish

WEHI Bioinformatics seminar series presenting my PhD projects.