Opportunities and challenges in long-read sequencing data analysis

Long-read technologies are overcoming early limitations in accuracy and throughput, broadening their application domains in genomics. Dedicated analysis tools that take into account the characteristics of long-read data are thus required, but the …

Tools and techniques for single-cell RNA sequencing data

My PhD completion seminar

Tools, simulations and trees for scRNA-seq

Presentation at the Institute of Computational Biology where I described my PhD projects.

Exploring the single-cell RNA-seq analysis landscape with the scRNA-tools database

As single-cell RNA-sequencing (scRNA-seq) datasets have become more widespread the number of tools designed to analyse these data has dramatically increased. Navigating the vast sea of tools now available is becoming increasingly challenging for …

Simulation and analysis tools for single-cell RNA sequencing data

Selected talk at the Genome Informatics 2017 conference describing Splatter and the scRNA-tools database.

Single cells, simulation and kidneys in a dish

Presentation at the Berkeley Statistics and Genomics Seminar describing my PhD projects.

Single-cells, simulation and kidneys in a dish

WEHI Bioinformatics seminar series presenting my PhD projects.


Database and website cataloguing software tools for analysing single-cell RNA sequencing data.