Single-cell best practices

best practices
An online book covering the best practices for multiomic single-cell analysis with extensive tutorials and code examples

Lukas Heumos

Anna C. Schaar

Luke Zappia

Single-cell Best Practices Consortium

Theis lab

Single-cell analysis community


November 22, 2022

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The single-cell best practices cover page

Single-cell best practices is an online book that attempts to draw together established best practices for multiomic single-cell analysis, including extensive tutorials and code examples. It is not limited to any particular tools or platforms but instead tries to promote the best performing approaches for different tasks as determined by independent projects. This is intended to be a living resource that will be updated as best practices evole with contributions of all kinds welcome from the community. I was part of the team involved in planning the project within the Theis lab and have written the integration and interoperability chapters as well as contibuting to other parts of the book.