Exploring the SCE-verse

Analysis of packages that use the SingleCellExperiment object

Bioconductor 3.7 wrap-up

A wrap-up of the Bioconductor 3.7 release.

My AFL-Elo model

My Elo model for predicting AFL games.

Welcome to Blogdown!

My new Blogdown blog.

Joining the Dots Twitter analysis

Analysis of Twitter activity at the Joining the Dots visualisation symposium.

Building a clustering tree

Introductory post to building a clustering tree

PyConAU 2016

My thoughts after attending PyConAU 2016.

Gantt charts in R

Steps for creating Gantt charts in R

Bioconductor 3.3 packages

Wrap up of new packages in the Bioconductor 3.3 release.

Extracting alignment statistics using Python

A Python script for extracting alignment statistics from BAM files.